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The Story of St Mary’s Church, Swansea

from its medieval past

to its re-consecration in 1959

Written and read by Colin Wheldon James

The Church of St Mary, the parish church of Swansea, south Wales, has had an interesting and not untroubled past, having begun its life early in the turbulent days of the twelfth century and, over succeeding centuries, undergoing various renovations and reconstructions, the most recent following its damage by enemy action in 1941. The church was subsequently reconstructed and re-consecrated, and it is gratifying to see it continuing its pastoral care well into the twenty-first century, displaying its religious intention and dignified image to the people of Swansea and beyond.

This audiobook celebrates the re-consecration of St Mary’s Church

which took place on 28 May 1959 in the presence of HRH Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

This talk was delivered within St Mary’s Church on Tuesday 28 May 2019 by Colin Wheldon James

as part of the 60th anniversary celebration of the building’s re-consecration.